Forming a pod in your child's school or neighborhood?


Learning Pods are small groups (2-3 families, or up to 5 kids, is what the experts recommend)  that meet in a home  to guide schoolwork.  It's become a popular solution for some families to contain the spread of the virus, while allowing for some socialization. One parent can teach, parents can rotate teaching, or they can hire a tutor and split the costs. 

Take these 4 steps to more easily and safely form and coordinate your pods.


 Download the Tool

We've created a tool to simplify finding other families that you want to form a pod with.  Based on extensive research from the experts and parents, just like you. Note: if there are other fields specific to you - you can easily edit your survey.


Circulate to Your Network 

Hint: Forming pods with families from the same class or school makes it easier - there's a shared curriculum and community. Send it via email or social media to a trusted network.


Gather Responses

Set a deadline and make sure that potential members of your pod submit their info and preferences. Make sure that there is an "admin" to keep the process going smoothly.


Form Your Own Pod

Review and share results. Connect with parents with similar and/or complementary needs.  Once  you think you have your pod on paper, set up a time to meet virtually  to make sure you are comfortable with one another.


Whether you call them "pods" or "bubbles" or something else clever, they are here and require a bit of work to get right.


If you're just getting started then take a look at the 39Hats podding best practices here!


If you're further along in the process, check out this comprehensive discussion guide from Camppedia, to help facilitate those important early conversations.

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